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Our Classes

For beginners, the focus is on functional literacy, social integration and confidence building, working with students on life skills such as shopping, visiting the doctor, renting a property and catching public transport. Language skills - reading, writing, spelling and conversation are integral to this program. Basic computer and typing skills are also included.

For the higher-level students, the focus is on grammar, speaking/ conversation, spelling, reading/comprehension, writing and computer literacy with a view to assist students acquire a level of English competency to enable them to apply for and succeed in Certificate II, III or IV TAFE courses and/or to successfully apply for jobs.

New students are assessed on their literacy levels and assigned to an appropriate class.

We work with students in small groups. The largest group comprises 10 students.

We also do a lot of one on one teaching for those students who require special attention. These students eventually join the larger groups when they are competent and confident enough to do so.

We tutor asylum seekers and refugees who are studying for the HSC or TAFE certificates who need extra support.

We can accommodate students who have a very low level of English literacy (or no English).

We are NOT a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). We offer free targeted tutoring to our students. Students do not receive any kind of certificate from Read Write and Spell.